We Are Pangs celebrates funding from The National Lottery to open The Parent Rooms

Back in 2014, when struggling with postnatal depression, We Are Pangs founder Michelle Bradley had a dream. Stuck with feelings of isolation, loneliness, and anxiety, she wished she had a space that she could go to, to be with others going through something similar, to try new things, to get a break, and to build a supportive community that could help her to cope. Little did she know, this dream was to form the foundation of The Parent Rooms.

Thanks to The National Lottery Community Fund, and the National Lottery players, The Parent Rooms is now becoming a reality!

Based in WOMEN’STEC in North Belfast, The Parent Rooms will be a community space that provides peer support, wellbeing programmes, social activities, and a place to come to feel less alone when dealing with perinatal mental health issues such as postnatal depression and anxiety.

We will be the central hub for perinatal mental health support and aim to create a supportive community around parents that will reduce isolation, loneliness, and stigma.

Our aim is to walk alongside parents to help them discover the tools and techniques they need to recover from mental health issues. We will provide practical courses to teach resilience and coping mechanisms, emotional support through our peer support service, signposting to other services where appropriate, and a sense of belonging and connection.

Michelle Bradley, CEO of We Are Pangs said:

For a long time we have seen parents across Northern Ireland struggle alone with perinatal mental illness and this is something we have been working hard to tackle. The Parent Rooms is the next step in being able to provide a unique service to help parents discover their own strengths and abilities to recover, and to create a safe and supportive environment where parents can come to seek help without feeling judged.

Lynn Carvill, CEO of WOMEN’STEC said:

We are delighted to have We Are Pangs taking residence in our facilities in North Belfast. WOMEN’STEC are committed to provide opportunities for women to improve their lives through skills training and holistic support, so this is a natural fit. We are excited to see how both of our organisations can grow together to ensure the women in our communities have the best chance at fulfilled and happy lives.”